88mm German Flak Gun Project Update

88mm German Flak Gun Project Update

Hi All,

The Weekend of Scott is here and my 88mm German Flak gun has been given the royal treatment.  Here are some in process pictures.  Glamour shots to come soon on the main site.

Scott paints this in phases.  He starts off with studying the project.


Scott studying


First off, the camo pattern is added.

Scott Carter applying camo pattern

Barrel installed with rings on the barrel to denote gun hits (scores).  White for aircraft and black for armor.

88mm German Flak barrell with rings

After camo application, fading begins.

Scott Carter begins fading the paint job


Scott arter fading the 88mm German Flak Gun

Additional fading with brown highlights.

Applying brown to the 88mm German Flak Gun

The ending touches include chipping with an artist pen to simulate paint chipping an underlying rusting.

Final touches applied by chipping with an artist's pen


Final pics to come here and on the main site.

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  1. Bruce Enlow

    Found this post on a search. I lo9ve the FLAk 88, you did a great job. I admire good modeling


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